What makes a garden? Well, first, there's grass, plants, and trees. But that's not all. Our work includes the construction of many "hard" spaces as well. These include walls, terraces, decks and driveways that require materials like stone, brick, and paving concrete. Then there are fences, gates, and other garden structures, which serve both functional and decorative purposes. Trellises and arbors not only provide a place for vines to grow, but can also create a a romantic setting. Paths and walkways provide a roadway or network to connect various pieces of the garden – and a way to keep some parts of the garden apart – but not forgotten. Water can be used in a variety of ways; it is not only meant to be seen but also to be heard. Finally furnishings and lighting provide for the comforts and needs of daily living, allowing you to enjoy the garden to the fullest, through the seasons – and in daytime and night.

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